Goldband Snapper


Goldband SnapperAlso known as Gold Band Jobfish or Golden Snapper. Gold Banned Snappers are deepwater fish inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical waters.  They are characterised by having the last ray of their dorsal and anal fins much longer than the preceding rays, and by the absence of scales on the bases of their dorsal and anal fins.  Pectoral fins are much longer than the snout length. Gold Band Snapper have 2-3 orange-yellow stripes on their snout and under their eyes and there are thick yellow transverse stripes or markings between their eyes. Gold Band Snapper are generalised, opportunistic carnivores.  They feed both on the sea floor and in the water column.


Gold band snapper feed on fish, crustaceans (including prawns and crabs) and squid as well as pelagic items such as gastropod molluscs.