Coral Trout


Also known as Leopard Fish. Coral Trout range in color from pink to red to brown, with small brilliant blue spots over the body and head.


Most Coral Trout mature as females when they are about 22cm long and about 2 years old.   At this time a mature female Coral Trout can product 83,000 eggs a year.  A 4 year old female can produce about 458,000 eggs a year.


Coral trout are widely dispersed around coral reef waters of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.  They grow to about 110cm and can weigh more than 20kg.  Generally the largest Coral Trout are found well offshore.  Although basically a bottom-dwelling fish, Coral Trout frequently cruise and hunt well off the seabed and are capable of bursts of great speed.

Coral Trout are a highly prized table fish with firm white flesh.