IMG_0616In the wild, Barramundi grows to 1.5m in length and a weight of 55kg, although most farmed product is less than 3 kg. It has an elongate-oval body with a marked concavity between pointed head and humped back. Predominantly silver-grey with hues of gold and green, it has grey to dark grey fins. Barramundi is a native of Australian tropical waters north of latitude 20ºS and is found in rivers, estuaries and inshore waters of northern Australia. It is popularly regarded as one of Australia’s best eating fish.


Barramundi grows rapidly and eats a high protein diet. The thick, boneless white fillets have a delicate taste so can be used in a wide variety of cuisines. Because it has few bones, barramundi is an excellent fish for baking whole and the boneless fillets, available in a wide range of sizes, are ideal for grilling or frying, the large flakes retaining moisture and texture.